The #1 community of VC investors in Switzerland

SwissVC is a community of 300+ professional VC investors who operate in all industries and join forces to make the Swiss ecosystem stronger.

300+ investors as diverse as it gets

The members of our community comprise of all levels of seniority at traditional, micro, corporate and crowd VCs active in Switzerland. Here is a sample of who they are.

The place where you meet other investors

Our community was built so VC investors can meet each other, make new friends, and share best practices. Apply below if you want to join us.

  • Meetups with VCs

    You can join meetups and afterwork drinks to meet other investors in an informal way.

  • Best Practice Sessions

    Several times a year, you can also join best practice sessions on fundraising, legal and VC operations.

  • Whatsapp group

    You can ping our private group to share content such as open positions in your fund or an office search.

About swissVC

We're a team of volunteers intiated by Alex Stöckl back in 2015. We run this for free and are alway looking for peers to support us.